29 一月, 2015

时长:2h 32m


使用软件:NukeX8.0、Maya 2015、CINEMA 4D R16

Digital-Tutors Compositing a Hovercraft Landing in CINEMA 4D and NUKE。C4D与NUKE科幻飞船影视合成特效视频教程。
In this CINEMA 4D and NUKE tutorial we’ll learn how to composite a live action plate with multi-passes rendered out of CINEMA 4D R16. We’ll start by tracking the camera for our scene. We’ll cover the new camera tracker toolkit in CINEMA 4D as well as how to setup passes that’ll be added together in a complex NUKE composite. Next, we’ll perform some diagnostics and begin to light our asset to match the scene effectively and realistically. Finally, we’ll learn various techniques for ground shadow, light wrap, heat distortion and depth of field that will really help blend our scene together nicely. By the end of this CINEMA 4D and NUKE training you’ll have a better understanding of how to create a professional VFX shot.