3de1011-1 3D-Equalizer是一款强大的镜头运动跟踪软件,专门为三维移动跟踪而设计。通过高度精确的运动跟踪计算功能,独特且适应性强的用户界面,可使用户从任一实拍胶片中精确推算并重建出画面中的三维摄像机和物体的原始运动轨迹。大量的输出过滤器,浮动的license功能使3D Equalizer成为一个独立的软件,并能被集成到任一个后期工作流环境中,帮助用户迅速得到投资回报。在现代CG制作中,三维动画与实拍环境的结合广泛应用于电影、电视游戏、建筑、广告片的制作中。


Class 1: Intro to the user interface and the python interface. An introduction to the 3DE interface and a quick look at how we can use python to boost productivity.
Class 2: 2D tracking. We will explore the multifaceted nature of the 3DE 2D points.
Class 3: Tracking nodal shots. We will take what we have learned already and apply it tracking several nodal shots, each with their own challenges.
Class 4: Tracking free moves. We will progress on from our previous lessons by tracking and solving a free moving shot. We will end the class by aligning the scene ready for export.
Class 5: Object tracking. Here we will learn how to track and control objects. This will be out first major introduction to manipulating 3DE’s 3D environment.
Class 6: Using geometry. Using geometry to influence a camera track is a vital skill. We will look at using prebuilt geo then move onto explore the correct use 3DE’s own primitives.
Class 7: Building a small scene from reference images. We will learn how to build point clouds of objects and environments by using reference frames, then learn how to use this data to influence our moving camera tracks.
Class 8: Lens distortion. Lens distortion is one of the most commonly misunderstood practices in tracking. We will learn how to tackle it effectively by building up a fundamental understanding.
Class 9: Survey data. Using real world measurements to influence a camera track.
Class 10: Lidar. Using a real world scan to influence a camera track.
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