【VFXlearning 大师班】maya制作毁灭性特效教程 Master Class: The Art of Destruction in Maya

9 九月, 2013

Masterclasses represent our highest level of training and this course is no exception. Taking all of the skills acquired in Maya Dynamics Level 1 & 2 this masterclass applies them to a production level shot. Students will be shattering and simulating Rigid Body Dynamics using PulldownIt. We will take advantage of Maya latest fluid simulation tools to create high resolution fluid simulations driven by nParticles. We will use our MEL scripting knowledge to take control of this effects and create more complex scripts to automate certain processes.

b_large_Dlw5_356f000005c91263 b_large_e8mh_70b800000cc01262 b_large_h9bI_1890000009f51263 b_large_Vwgi_1890000009f41263Topics Covered:
Advanced nCloth applications.
nParticle setups.
Fluid effects.
nParticle/Fluids interaction.
MEL Expressions and procedures.
Geometry shattering techniques
Rigid body simulations with PulldownIt.
Advanced fractures.
Camera Projection techniques