Compositing a Futuristic Street Scene in NUKEX1-1Duration 1h 30m
Difficulty Level Advanced
Project Files Included
Software used
NUKEX v.6.3
What you will learn
In this series of tutorials we are going to create a futuristic scene using the great tools found in NUKEX.
We will be compositing a wide shot of a city street to look like a scene of the future. We will also go over how to work fast and how to use the NUKE 3D space properly. When you finish this series of tutorials, you will have learned a ton of new tricks to add to your compositing arsenal.
Guest Tutor
Angelo White
1. Introduction and project overview 01:01
2. Tracking the shot 03:23
3. Refining our track and placing geometry 05:48
4. Masking out the background using NUKE 3D 04:24
5. Creating our set extension 05:04
6. Adding trees in the background 07:04
7. Placing our TVs on the buildings 06:28
8. Creating our glowing lights 10:26
9. Integrating the robots into the scene 10:31
10. Finishing the integration of the robots 10:17
11. Creating a sign using NUKE 3D 07:09
12. Creating lens flares 06:32
13. Adding lens effects to the shot 06:17
14. Color correcting and finalizing the shot 06:17Compositing a Futuristic Street Scene in NUKEX1-2