V-Ray 3.0 Beta will be announced soon. Of course you're excited and They have prepared an overview of the most memorable moments of upcoming V-Ray 3.0 at SIGGRAPH 2013

• A big crowd joined The Chaosgroup team during the V-Ray Day to see artists from studios like Pixomondo, Blur Studios, Method Studios, ScanlineVFX, and ILM talk about how they use V-Ray in their pipeline. Check out here!

• The V-Ray User Event, LA at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects gave everyone a chance to learn details about some impressive projects like “Star Trek Into Darkness“, “Oblivion”, “Batman: Arkham Origins”. “The Elder Scrolls Online” and “The Ningyo.” Check out here

• At Chaosgroup's booth, visitors had a chance to preview some of the new features coming in V-Ray 3.0. Which you can see below:

Preview V-Ray 3.0

Chaos Group’s main highlight at SIGGRAPH 2013 was the upcoming release of V-Ray 3.0. We had many presentations and demonstrations of the new features and optimizations. Expect faster rendering, transferrable materials, and one-click progressive rendering among many others. Some of the upcoming features and updates are:

• Speed Optimizations
• V-Ray Embree Helper
• Max Ray Intensity Option
• Optimized Hair Rendering
• Progressive Rendering Mode
• V-Ray Quick Settings
• V-Ray Vismat Material
• V-Ray Metaballs
• Deep Image Rendering
• V-Ray Shademaps
• Render Mask
• V-Ray Frame Buffer Updates
• V-Ray RT Updates
• Vertex Merging• At NVIDIA visual computing theatre Vlado Koylazov presented “A New Paradigm for Photorealistic Raytraced Rendering on NVIDIA GPUs.”