THE_FOUNDRY_COLORWAY_KIT_FOR_C4D1-1 The Foundry Colorway,精简的迭代设计工作流的一个工具。配色具有创造力和集中决策过程,认识到一个人的团队参与制作的设计决定了不同的目标和专业知识的应用程序。色彩设计大大简化迭代设计工作流通过快速、 非破坏性的材料和光影的变化带来清晰和效率。The Foundry COLORWAY kit for CINEMA 4D 1.0V1 (Win/Mac)可用于 Cinema 4D ,提供了的两个应用程序之间无缝交换文件和对象。这个新的工作流可以在Cinema 4D中查找对象,通过简单地修改灯光,材料和纹理色彩设计,无需重新渲染。纹理可以交换或模板创建表面UV坐标。
The Foundry’s recently introduced graphics tool COLORWAY is available immediately for Cinema 4D and offers a seamless exchange of files and objects between both applications. This new workflow makes it possible to create new looks for objects in Cinema 4D by simply modifying lights, materials and textures in COLORWAY – without having to re-render the scene. Textures can be exchanged or stencils created on surfaces with UV coordinates.
COLORWAY is an application that aids creativity and focuses the decision making process, recognizing that a team of people involved in making design decisions have different goals and expertise. COLORWAY significantly streamlines the iterative design workflow bringing clarity and efficiency through fast, non-destructive material and lighting changes.
- Mac OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion" 64-bit,或者更高版本
- Windows 7 64-bit (SP 1), 或者更高版本

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