FXPHD ARN101 Introduction to Arnold3 本课程是针对那些可能已经熟悉了渲染和灯光工作,但愿意转到使用Arnold或者只是想知道Arnold在生产中如何工作的。 由乌尔夫·兰格伦讲授,课程的目的是让你加快速度学会使用Arnold和帮助你认知Arnold相比于其他渲染引擎的差异。渲染和照明以前的经验是一个加分但不是必要的,因为这门课程还是应该帮助你用自己的方式获得最佳的渲染。
class syllabus:
Class 1: A brief history of Arnold and how it integrates into a production workflow and the good vs bad when comparing Arnold with other renderers.
Class 2: How to setup and render with a linear workflow using color managment in Arnold, followed by and an in depth look at all the types of lights Arnold has to offer.
Class 3: An in depth look at shading with Arnold and how to use the different types of shaders in production.
Class 4: An in depth look at render effects and settings and learn how to export ASS files to do batch rendering of sequences using kick.
Class 5: Lighting and shading of a troll. Should give you a good hands on knowledge of how to use Arnold shaders.
Class 6: Second part of the troll shading class. Rounding up and rendering.
Class 7: Workflow suggestions, camera lens shaders and explanation sample.
Class 8: A case study of how to do lighting and shading for live action integration. Part 1. Using lightprobes and other on-set data to better integrate the CG elements into the plate.
Class 9: A case study of how to do lighting and shading for live action integration. Part 2. Rendering with AOV’s and how to best use them in compositing.
Class 10: Wrap up any questions from the forums.
FXPHD ARN101 Introduction to Arnold4

FXPHD ARN101 Introduction to Arnold5


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