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FXPHD VFX201 VFX Foundations I
In response to a huge government and private initiative, a large cross section of people from many of the top of the VFX facilities in the UK got together in 2011 to define what was the most crucial things for educators and students in VFX to know. What did industry really want their staff to know ? What do people in VFX really need to know to do their jobs well. They created a bible for anyone studying VFX in any capacity and it was called the Core Skills of VFX. You can read their guidelines here :

In the wake of this document, many things about training artists for vfx changed. For returning prof Tahl Niran, it was a major turning point in how he approached training. Visual effects training is often designed to get people ‘up and running’ with software, make pretty images or just get people feeling comfortable with a complicated application. But underneath every system which creates, manipulates or even displays images is a very simple set of core ideas. Identifying and understanding these is the key to a truly deep understanding of visual effects compositing.b_large_IHij_1f720000049e1263


Enter VFX Foundations I, the first of a two-part course here at fxphd. It is a course designed for EVERYONE, from an absolute beginner to a career visual effects professional. No matter what you know or think you know about working with images using a computer this course will give you a better grasp of what those buttons sliders and nodes are truly doing. If you’re in visual effects, regardless of your level, this course should be a requirement.b_large_K9aM_1f720000049f1263


Tahl Niran, is a compositor and trainer who has been working in visual effects since 1999. In that time he has worked in games, broadcast design, tv commercials and feature films and trained artists in Australia, London, New York, Mumbai and Shanghai. Tahl was one of the foundation professors at FXPHD and also one of the creators of the original Foundry Nuke Masterclasses. He returns to FXPHD after three years in London working with the team at Double Negative Visual Effects.b_large_GMmq_38c900000c1a1262 b_large_QIhR_221a00000e701262 b_large_y4SR_5715000008651262