【今日翻译关键词】Search rangePick thresholdMin length

Search range: The width and height of the search range in pixels to use for the initial pattern search. This option is only available when the search mode is set to either better speed or better accuracy. Note that the search area defines the possible locations of the centre-point of the tracker, rather than the entire tracking window itself.


Pick threshold: The threshold used to identify new tracker positions in the range zero to one. New trackers are positioned at corners and significant image gradients. The higher the threshold, the stronger the corner or image gradients need to be before a tracker is created. Setting this to a very small value will position trackers on weak corners where they may not track well.


Min length: The minimum length of a tracker (measured in number of frames) that a tracker must exist for before it is added to the tracker list. Increasing this value will mean new trackers are rejected if they do not track over the specified number of frames.