【DT教程全集49】Advanced Compositing Techniques in NUKE: Space Scene

2 一月, 2014


时长:1h 39m


使用软件:NUKE 7.0v1


In this NUKE tutorial we will learn to use the 3D system in NUKE to create a photorealistic space scene.

We’ll be taking a shot from idea to completion to create our shot, complete with Earth, stars, and a sun flare! Using basic masking, some more advanced 3D matte painting techniques, expression scripting, and good compositing practices, we’ll create not only a pretty to look at scene but also a highly usable comp setup based on real world production experiences.

By the end, you’ll have had a peek into the window of what goes on in the mind of a production artist, who’s aim is to give their shot that last 10% and achieve a truly cinematic look ready for the big or small screen.