【DT教程全集46】Integrating a 3D Vehicle into Video in Maya and NUKE

2 一月, 2014




使用软件:Maya 2013, NUKE


In this tutorial we will cover how to create a live action shot with 3D elements. We will learn video shooting techniques, how to add 3D objects into live footage and then animation, lighting and rendering for the project in Maya and compositing in NUKE.

First, we will start with important settings of the DSLR Camera, then we will take our footage to Maya, where we will add 3D elements on our footage. After that we’ll animate lighting and rendering in passes. We will then take these 3D passes in NUKE and start compositing.

In compositing we will learn how to use 3D passes to get realistic effects. Finally, we’ll cover rotoscoping, masking, and color correction in NUKE.



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