在这种先进的PFTrack当然,重点是对复杂的镜头,长镜头,这些镜头,使你失去了你的睡眠。维克多Wolansky FXPHD喜爱也将集中在关键的细节和技巧,可以采取跟踪能力的一个新的水平,真正在你的工作中脱颖而出。
In this advanced PFTrack course, the focus is on complex shots, long shots, and those shots that make you lose your sleep. fxphd favorite Victor Wolansky will also be focusing on the critical details and skills that can take your tracking ability to the next level and really stand out in your job.

我们\“会被覆盖,从鱼眼镜头的佳能4.5毫米拍摄和特殊的EPIC芽在5K的工作流程,极其扭曲的画面。 wolanksy将使用用户调查信息,以解决这是不可能解决的其他方式的拍摄。这将包括从独家拍摄FXPHD激光雷达的信息提取和扫描,完全匹配的扫描相机。 wolansky也将包括跟踪场景中的对象。当然也自然会覆盖所有的美丽和复杂节点和树木可用inPFTrack现在可以。这带来了几乎无限的组合以前从未见过在3D跟踪电源,以适应艺术家\'的需求。
We\'ll be covering workflows for extremely distorted footage, from fisheye Canon 4.5mm shots and to special EPIC shoots in 5K. Wolanksy will be using user survey info to solve shots which are in other ways impossible to solve. This will include extracting information from an exclusive fxphd LIDAR shoot and scan, perfectly matching cameras to the scan. Wolansky will also cover the tracking of objects in scenes. The course will also naturally cover all the beauty and complexity now possible with the nodes and trees available inPFTrack. This brings a power never-before seen in 3D tracking, with almost infinite combinations to adapt to the artist\'s needs.

wolansky20年前开始在后期制作工作...在阿根廷,大约12年前,发现什么是三维跟踪,并从那时起,他无法停止跟踪拍摄,即使只是为了好玩。他发现,是为了做任何拍摄上的任何需要掌握的最基本的技能。 \“全部由三维跟踪权开始?如果你没有一个三维跟踪,\”,\“你可以\'吨Wolansky重心摆在那里。对不对?\”后期制作把他从阿根廷到智利2000年,美国在2005年,在那里他曾在E3后自此。
Wolansky started working in postproduction 20 years ago… in Argentina, about 12 years ago and discovered what was 3D tracking, and since then he was unable to stop tracking shots, even if just for fun. He discovered that was the most fundamental skill needed to master in order to do anything on any shot. \"All starts by a 3D tracking right? If you don’t have a 3D tracking,\" says Wolansky, \"you can\'t put the CG in there. right?\" Postproduction took him from Argentina to Chile in 2000 and to the US in 2005 where he has worked at E3 post since then.