【DT教程全集36】Rotoscoping Techniques in NUKE

9 十二月, 2013


时长: 1h 55m


使用软件:NUKE 6.3v6


In this series of tutorials we’ll learn how to use tracker and roto nodes in NUKE to quickly create a solid matte. By using each node for their specific strength, we’ll be able to achieve production-quality results much faster than using just hand keying. We’ll begin this project by learning the basics of using trackers to speed up the rotoscoping process by removing camera jitter, translation, rotation and scaling. We’ll then dive into our main project where we will use a combination of trackers, roto nodes and animation to create a clean mask for our foreground actor’s face and hand. We’ll learn many techniques to speed up our rotoscoping workflow and how we can use animation principles to create solid movement.



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