【DT教程全集32】Object Tracking in MatchMover and NUKE

9 十二月, 2013


时长:1h 47m


使用软件:MatchMover 2011 and NUKE 6.1


In this series of tutorials we’ll learn how to use MatchMover to track an object as if it was our scene, then finish the shot with Maya and NUKE. Using MatchMover we can find the movements of a real life object and move a 3D object to match. We’ll begin the tutorials by manually tracking our sequence in MatchMover and exporting it for use in Maya. We’ll then take our solved camera into our Maya scene and move our object into place. We’ll then learn how to capture our 3D environment reflections and create some helpful matte layers. Once we’ve rendered our Maya sequence, wecll learn how to combine all of our images in NUKE. We’ll learn about processing our background footage to capture traveling mattes, as well as many different ways to combine our various mattes to create effects. We’ll finish the tutorials by adding a silhouette and color correcting our images.



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