【DT教程全集28】New Features in NUKE 6.3v1 and NUKEX 6.3v1

8 十二月, 2013


时长:1h 13m


使用软件:NUKE 6.3v1 or NUKEX 6.3v1


In this NUKE Tutorial we’ll learn how to use the new features introduced in NUKE 6.3 like 3D Particles, the Planar Tracker, Denoise, Spline Warp, Audio Read, Presets and more. We’ll begin this project by jumping into the new features only in NUKEX including the all new 3d particle system, which allows for new effects like rain, snow, fog or fire. From there, we will use the new Planar tracker, also only in NUKEX to track a planar surface that leaves the frame. Finally we’ll learn how to use the new Denoise node in NUKEX to remove noise while preserving an incredible amount of detail. From there, we will dive into the NUKE features like the new Spline and Grid Warp nodes and the new Audio Read node. Finally we’ll learn how to speed up our workflow tremendously with user presets and toolsets. We’ll end the tutorial with a look at the new 3d displacement tessellation features.



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