Image-Based Keyer in NUKE 1-1时长:1h 7m


使用软件:NUKE 6.2v1 and up


In this series of NUKE tutorials we will learn how to use the image based keyer or IBK gizmo in NUKE to create clean keys quickly. The IBK system is one of the best keyers in NUKE and is usually the starting point of any key I create. We will begin the tutorials by learning the fastest and best way to key, which is shooting a clean plate. We will then learn how to create a garbage mask for our key, and modify the IBK Gizmo controls to pull the best alpha. The IBK node usually leaves some holes in our alpha, so we will then learn how to create a core matte or inner key using Keylight to fill in our holes and create a solid alpha. We will then learn about the background integration controls of the IBK Gizmo, and how to get around some common issues. We will then learn how to automatically generate a clean plate using the IBK color gizmo, and how to create the best alpha when we have no clean plate. We will then finish the tutorials by learning how to keep just our alpha, reduce our noise, and do manual spill suppression outside the IBK gizmo.Image-Based Keyer in NUKE 1-2



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