【DT教程全集19】Digital Tutors Integrating Titles into Footage in Nuke

28 十月, 2013

Integrating Titles into Footage in NUKE 1-1时长:1h 2m


使用软件:NUKE 6.1 and up


In this series of tutorials we’ll learn how to composite a text title into background footage. This is a common task for show openers or to add extra information into your shot. We’ll begin the tutorials by importing our background plate and creating the text we’ll integrate. Then we’ll track the footage and attach our text. We’ll then learn how to combine various nodes to make our text look more three dimensional. Then we’ll take elements from our background and layer them into our text to create the illusion that the text is in the scene. We’ll finish by doing a quick color correction to complete our shot!Integrating Titles into Footage in NUKE 1-2