The Foundry and Pixar Animation Studios have announced a strategic collaboration around KATANA and Pixar's RenderMan

The Foundry 和皮克斯动画工作室已经宣布在KATANA和皮克斯的RenderMan进行战略合作。


The Foundry and Pixar Animation Studios have announced a concerted technical collaboration to bring KATANA and RenderMan together, creating a combined best-of-breed toolset for high-end lighting and rendering.


KATANA will now include a full RenderMan license as standard, along with free KATANA batch render licenses to help get the most out of any RenderMan pipeline, creating a compelling out-of-the-box solution. The results of these efforts will be released to all customers inside future releases of KATANA.


KATANA, the premier lighting tool from The Foundry, and Pixar’s RenderMan, which has long been recognized as the industry standard in visual effects and animation rendering, were both recently used together to great effect on Disney/Pixar’s acclaimed short “The Blue Umbrella,” which was played in theatres with “Monsters University.” The successful outcome involved significant dedicated engineering effort from both parties, not only to better support RenderMan workflows, but to build new features into KATANA itself, based upon Pixar’s own creative expertise and production-proven technology.

KATANA的最大的照明工具来自 The Foundry,皮克斯的RenderMan的它已经长期被认可为行业标准的视觉效果和动画渲染,是两个最近使用起来有很大的影响迪斯尼/皮克斯的赞誉短“的蓝伞,”被演奏在剧院与“怪兽大学。”成功参与双方显著专用工程努力的结果,不仅更好的支持RenderMan的工作流程,但建立到KATANA本身,根据皮克斯自己的创意的专业知识和生产验证的新功能技术。

These continuing developments firmly cement KATANA and RenderMan together as the ultimate rendering and lighting collaboration, while being open and agnostic remains central to both solutions.


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“We are thrilled to be working with some of the world’s most creative talent at Pixar as well as the RenderMan team. This development cements KATANA’s already impressive pedigree for a piece of commercially available software - this really is the best of innovative lighting in production today.”

Bill Collis, CEO at The Foundry

“我们很高兴能与一些世界上最具创意的人才以及在皮克斯的RenderMan队工作。这种发展形势KATANA的一块市售软件已经令人印象深刻的开山鼻祖 - 这真的是最好的创新的照明在今天的生产。“

比尔科利,The Foundry首席执行官

“RenderMan represents the pinnacle of rendering technology and KATANA represents the state of the art in lighting. At Pixar we are proud of how we achieve excellence in look development and our collaboration sets a new standard for lighting and rendering that complements our extensive investment in RenderMan Studio for KATANA. Our end goal is to help create production-efficient software that is not only loved by artists, but also produces the amazing quality that Pixar’s RenderMan is known for.”

Chris Ford, RenderMan Business Director at Pixar

“的RenderMan渲染技术的巅峰,KATANA代表了最先进的照明。在皮克斯我们如何实现卓越看看发展,我们感到非常自豪,我们的合作树立了新的标准灯光和渲染,补充我们的RenderMan Studio中的丰富的投资KATANA。我们的最终目标是帮助创造生产效率的软件,不仅是艺术家的喜爱,但也产生惊人的Pixar的RenderMan的质量而闻名。“