Advanced Stereo Workflows in NUKE Disparity 1-1

时长:1h 9m


使用软件:NUKE 6.0 and up for project files


In this series of lessons we'll learn a technique to convert a Depth pass from a 3D application into a Disparity map to take advantage of NUKE's advanced Stereo tools. Prior to this course, creating disparity maps required the Ocula plug-in, but all the data lives in every depth pass, it just needs to be transformed into a powerful disparity map. We'll begin this project by learning about NUKE's interpretation and implementation of disparity maps. Then we'll dive right in and learn the mathematical relationship between depth and disparity maps and learn how to offset and multiply our depth into a pixel offset value and shuffle that value into the disparity channels. With our disparity map we will be able to use the advanced reconverge features, as well as automatically place any node that has a position or translate property from one view to the other. We'll finish by learning how to use our disparity values to automatically update stereo offset using expressions.
Advanced Stereo Workflows in NUKE Disparity 1-2


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