Introduction to 3D in NUKE 1-1

时长:1h 4m


使用软件:NUKE 5.2v1 or higher


In this series of lessons we' learn how to use NUKEs 3D compositing system. Using this 3D system, we can do many things that would be difficult or time-consuming in a pure 2D workflow, such as creating parallax and making sure things line up in 3D space. We'll begin this project by dropping in some basic geometry and learning how to move around the 3D interface. We'll then learn the basic components of a 3D system which is comprised of your geometry, a scene, a camera, and a scanline render to convert all of that back into 2d image data. We'll then learn how to bring in external geometry and how to use shaders, materials and lights to gain more control over our 3d geometry. We'll also learn some various tips on using 2D nodes with 3D nodes.
Introduction to 3D in NUKE 1-2