Introduction to RollingShutter in NUKE 1-1

时长:38m 19s


使用软件:NUKE 6.0 and RollingShutter 1.0v1


In this series of lessons we'll learn the basics of using the RollingShutter plug-in to fix skew and wobble in our footage. These effects appear in any camera that uses a CMOS sensor, such as the Canon 5d MK2, the Nikin D90 and the Red One. Using RollingShutter, we can fix distortion not only for visual appeal, but also so it tracks better through match moving software. We'll begin this project by learning what issues are created by a rolling shutter and what they look like in real footage. We'll also learn which of these issues can be fixed by the RollingShutter plug-in and which cannot. We'll then learn how we can shoot some test footage and bring it into NUKE to find the right correction value for our specific camera. We'll then solve a basic shot by looking at some of the quality and estimation controls. Once we have a basic shot working, we'll take a look at some footage that breaks and how we can modify RollingShutter's basic and advanced properties to solve these problems. We'll see a simple animation fix and a more complex way to solve the problem.

Introduction to RollingShutter in NUKE 1-2

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