Compositing 3D into Video in Maya and NUKE 1-1

时长: 2h 44m


使用软件:Maya 2010 and NUKE 6.0 and up for project files


In this series of lessons we'll learn how to take the output from a motion tracker app and import a 3D model and light, render and composite it into our original footage in NUKE. We'll begin this project by setting up our motion tracked scene by adding the original footage and aligning everything to make working easier. We'll then bring in our 3d object and learn how to place it in our scene. We'll then learn how to create ground geometry and create lighting that matches our original shot. We'll then create multiple render passes and layers to make compositing much easier. After we render, we'll jump into NUKE and learn about such topics as shadow matching, color matte usage and various techniques to match our 3d render with our live action back-plate. We'll finish with a global color correct and add realistic motion blur to finish our shot.

Compositing 3D into Video in Maya and NUKE 1-2