Introduction to Channels in NUKE 1-1

时长: 56m 12s




In this series of lessons we'll learn how to use the Channel system of NUKE. Channels are how NUKE stores image information through a Node Tree, and understanding this system is key to getting the most out of NUKE.   We'll begin this course by taking an overview of the Red, Green, Blue and alpha channels inside of NUKE. We'll then learn how we can copy, add and view new custom channels. Using these new channels, we can control nodes such as a color corrector. We'll end by using the copy and shuffle copy to bring together multiple 3D render passes into channels in a single Node tree and then output a multi-channel EXR file for easier use later down the line. This series of lessons will illustrate the basics of the channel workflow inside of NUKE. By bringing together all of our image information into channels, we can then access that information at any point in the node tree.
Introduction to Channels in NUKE 1-2