NUKE Node Reference Library Channels 1-1

时长: 29m 6s


使用软件:NUKE 5.2 and up


In this series of lessons we'll learn how to use the Channel nodes inside NUKE to control our RBGA channels as well as any other channels we use during compositing. During this project we'll learn how to use the Shuffle, Copy, ChannelMerge, Add, Remove and ShuffleCopy nodes to do things like: move one channel from one to another, change many channels at the same time, add new channels, remove or keep channels, combine specific channels and copy channels from one node to another. The channels system in NUKE can be an extremely powerful compositing tool if you understand the workflows and tools underlying it. Channels hold all of our image data, so knowing how to move, manipulate and merge channels is an important skill for every NUKE compositor.
NUKE Node Reference Library Channels 1-2


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